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At Vic-Locks Security, our team of trusted professional locksmiths have experience securing properties following a break-in or in preventative measure to avoid security issues. We offer all professional Residential Locksmith Services. Do you need to secure your home?

We offer the following services and more:

Installation of New Locks

Do you need to install new locks, or change the old ones?   Have you recently moved in or had someone move out of your house and wish to change the locks?  These are all good reasons to consider installation of new locks.

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We offer basic dead-locks, door locks and can also support your need to install the latest in lock technology and stylish design – ask our team about options to secure your home and match the style of your building.

Locked out of the house?

It’s easy to lock yourself out of your home or property.   You might have lost your keys, accidentally left them inside or walked out to check the post and had the wind slam the door shut behind you.  This can frustrating and leave you in need of urgent help. Call Vic-Locks Security today and we’ll have someone out to see your quickly to sort out the lock-out.

Some of the things we can help with:

  • Security system installation
  • CCTV cameras for your home
  • New lock and lock installation
  • Preparing new keys or copies of your existing ones
  • Home security upgrades
  • Security of your mailbox
  • Lock-out services
  • Installation of secure lock boxes or safes

Door Lock Services

Good security starts with a secure set of door locks. This is not an area to compromise on or try to save money however we have options to suit all budgets. You need to ensure the professional you choose to install this is an experienced locksmith and can deliver a high quality installation service and advise you on the right lock for the job. Our team are ready and able to assist.

Mailbox Lockout

Do you regularly receive valuable parcels or sensitive mail? With a growing trend towards online shopping and eCommerce, the need to secure your mail is stronger than ever. You may also be planning a holiday and want to ensure your mail will be there when you get home. Our experts can recommend and install solutions to both secure and protect your mail to ensure it’s waiting for you when you arrive home.

Window Locks Fixing and Repair

Windows and secure locking mechanisms ensure that theives are unable to gain access.   We can repair your window locks or install locks that fit the type of window (sliding locks, or secure screens for your window).  You need to ensure you choose the right lock for this important task and we can guide you on choosing the best solution.

Garage Door Locks

Many of our clients’ homes have some of their most valuable posessions stored in the garage.  Whether it be your family car, a jetski, or tools and garden equipment, we can review, repair and install a security solution to fully protect your Garage.

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