Can I contact you on weekends?

We offer 24/7 call out.   For regular non-emergency issues we work during business hours but if you are locked out of home or have an emergency, contact us on the number below and we’ll arrange to help.

What should I do if I have tried a lock but it’s jammed / stuck?

If you can’t sort out these sorts of issues without “forcing” the lock, then best to contact our team rather than taking to the lock with heavy implements.    We can typically resolve these issues for you without damage to your locks or your property and this is often a cheaper route than repairing or replacing a broken lock.

I misplaced my key. How long should I wait for your Technician?

When you speak to our team, we will give you clear information on when you can expect our locksmith to arrive at your premises.   If anything changes with that you should expect to hear from us but we rarely need to change a call-out schedule and we will prioritise lock-outs or emergency situations.

Our expert team are qualified professionals and ready to help you with whatever your need is – get in touch today.