Residential Services

Residential Locksmith Services At Vic-Locks Security, our team of trusted professional Locksmith's have experience securing your property following a break-in or in preventative measure to avoid security issues.  We offer professional break-in and Residential Locksmith Services. Do you need to security your home?  Most people prioritise the need to feel safe while at home, or [...]

Vehicle Lock-out

Automotive Locksmith Service Are you looking for an Automotive Locksmith near you? Contact Vic-Locks Security for assistance with vehicle lock-outs or replacing keys for your vehicle.   We handle most makes and models and if it's something specialised that we don't handle we can usually point you to the right place or supplier to get the [...]

Business Services

Commercial Locksmith Services Have you locked yourself out of the office or experienced a break-in?   Do you have new staff and need to arrange security keys?   Are you looking for a trusted, professional locksmith who can handle all the lock and security maintenance needs for your managed building? At Vic-Locks security we deal with a [...]