The lock on a Melbourne home

When it comes to home security and maintenance, let’s give a round of applause to the quiet hero, the humble lock. These small yet mighty guardians stand between our homes and the outside world. Yet, their reliability is not just a matter of excellent installation and choosing a great manufacturer; it’s also about how well they are maintained.

For those who enjoy the contentment of a secure home, here are four essential tips for maintaining your locks, ensuring they remain in tip-top condition year after year.

  1. Ensure They’re Well Lubricated

The cornerstone of lock maintenance is ensuring they are well-lubricated. Just like any mechanism with moving parts, locks require a bit of love and care to remain functioning smoothly.


An annual application of lubricant can prevent the internal mechanisms from becoming stiff or corroded. Use a graphite lubricant or a specially designed lock spray, applying a small amount directly into the keyhole. This not only ensures the longevity of your lock but also keeps the turning action smooth, making it easier and more pleasant to use your keys.

  1. Keep Your Locks AND Keys Clean

Dirt and debris are the nemeses of locks and keys alike. Accumulated grime can impair the function of your locks, making it harder to insert or turn your key. To avoid this, make it a regular habit to clean your locks and keys.


You can gently wipe the exterior of your lock and the key with a damp cloth and then dry it. For a more thorough cleaning, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the keyhole, effectively removing dirt without causing damage.

  1. Avoid Slamming Doors

The force from slamming a door can be more detrimental to your lock than you might think. This repeated impact can misalign the lock mechanism or damage the door frame, leading to difficulties in locking and unlocking the door. To maintain the integrity of your locks, encourage a household culture of closing doors gently. It’s a simple habit that can significantly extend the life of your locks, ensuring they continue to function effectively and securely.

  1. Ensure Your Door Is Hung Correctly

A misaligned door can exert undue stress on your lock, leading to premature wear and tear. Ensure that your door is properly hung, with even spacing on all sides and no dragging at the bottom. If your door seems off-kilter, it might be time to adjust the hinges or seek professional help for realignment. A correctly hung door not only improves the effectiveness of your lock but enhances the overall functionality and appearance.


Maintaining your locks is not just about security; it’s also about preserving and extending the lifespan of your home’s safety. By ensuring your locks are well lubricated, keeping them and their keys clean, avoiding slamming doors, and ensuring your door is hung correctly, you can significantly contribute to the longevity and reliability of your locks.

For those who value peace of mind, remember that security lies not just in choosing the right locks but also in maintaining them. Vic-locks is here to assist you with all your lock-related needs, from selection to maintenance tips and professional services. Trust in Vic-locks to keep your home safe and secure, today and always.

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