• December 10, 2018
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Locksmiths deal with all types of lock-related issues. From poorly installed deadbolts to emergency lockouts, locksmiths have seen it all. However, there are many secrets of the trade that never get discussed with the customers.

Richmond Locksmith Services

Our Richmond Locksmith service, services all popular Richmond areas, whether you live in Bridge Road, Victoria Street, or the Little Saigon Vietnamese restaurant strip, we assist customers with residential and business locksmith services.

We help customer with vehicle lock-outs in the Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre and surrounds and all parts of Richmond.   Being just a stone’s throw aware from the Melbourne CBD, Richmond locksmith services are a popular request for our team .

More about locksmith secrets…

If you want to keep your home or business secure, you should review some of the top secrets that only your locksmith knows.

Locksmiths Charge More for Emergency Callouts

When Richmond locksmiths need to help someone get into his or her house at 2 AM, they typically charge an added fee for the emergency callout. This is a detail that many people either do not think about or overlook when calling a locksmith in the middle of the night.

If it is not a real emergency, you should consider waiting for normal business hours. You may avoid paying double the price for a basic lockout.

You Should Always Rekey the Locks on a New Home

During the transaction of buying a home, the previous owner or a real estate agent hands over the keys. However, there is no way to know whether these are all the available sets of keys.

You do not know who else may have access to your house. Friends, family, and ex-partners of the previous owner may still have copies of the keys.

Luckily, you may not need to replace the locks. A Richmond locksmith can often rekey the locks without replacing them. You get new keys and ensure that the old copies will no longer work.

Poorly Installed Locks Offer No Protection

A standard lock is relatively easy to bust with a crowbar or heavy object. A deadbolt offers more protection but only if it is properly installed. A loose deadbolt may be pried from the door.

Locksmiths also advise that you do not install locks on your own. While it may seem to be a simple process, locksmiths frequently find poorly installed locks that were either installed by homeowners or contractors.

Checking for Proper Identification Is Not Easy

Homeowners assume that someone else cannot hire a locksmith to gain entry to their homes. However, it is difficult for a locksmith to verify a person’s ID in every situation.

For example, when a Richmond locksmith is called to help someone into a home or car, the person may claim that his or her ID is locked inside. Locking our wallet inside with your keys is not unusual and a locksmith may still help the person get inside.

Not All Locksmiths Are Qualified Locksmiths

While most areas have a selection of reputable locksmiths with years of experience, there are scam artists who are simply looking to make money.

These scammers claim to offer locksmith services and then use tactics that no locksmith would use. For example, if you contact these so-called locksmiths for help getting into your home, they will not attempt to pick the lock or remove it. They will simply drill through the lock and then charge you a hundred dollars.

Windows May Defeat the Purpose of a Quality Lock

If you have a window next to your front door or a window in your front door, the quality of the lock may not matter. A burglar may simply break the window, reach in, and unlock the door.

Instead of purchasing an exterior door with a large window panel, consider installing a solid door with a peephole. The peephole allows you to see who is on the other side without needing to add a breakable window.

Calling Multiple Locksmiths Is Never a Good Idea

There is nothing wrong with comparing rates from multiple businesses. However, you should not call multiple locksmiths to come to help you get into your locked car or home. Never call more than one locksmith for help with a lockout to see which arrives first.

Whichever locksmith arrives first, you are wasting someone’s time. In some cases, both locksmiths may choose to leave without helping you at all.

You Can Install Locks with Keys That Cannot Be Duplicated

You may have seen keys that include labels stating “do not duplicate”. These labels are meaningless. The keys that should not be duplicated are frequently duplicated. They can often be duplicated at hardware stores or gas stations without any trouble.

If you want keys that cannot be duplicated, you do have a few options. Most Richmond locksmiths can install secure locks with keys that are too difficult to duplicate with a basic keying tool found at hardware stores.

Another option is to install a biometric lock. These locks require you to use a thumbprint to unlock the door. Unlike keys, your thumbprint cannot be duplicated.

Automotive Keys Can Be Duplicated by Locksmiths

Locksmiths can duplicate almost any key, including keys that state they should not be duplicated. This also includes automotive keys.

When you get a car from a dealership, they likely give you one or two keys. If you want extra keys, they charge you more than the standard price. A locksmith can often duplicate the same keys at a fraction of the price offered by the dealership.

Always Double Check Your Lock Before Calling a Locksmith

If you get locked out of your house or car, do not pull out your phone and immediately call the locksmith. You should first double check the door to ensure that it is locked and not stuck. Sometimes, a door may simply need an extra pull to get it open.

This tip also applies to locks that appear to be stuck. If you have your key but cannot get the lock to turn, double check it. If it still does not move, try to loosen it with WD-40.

Always double check the door and the lock. These two suggestions may keep you from paying for services that you do not need.

Besides double checking the front door before calling a locksmith, you should check the windows around the ground floor. You may find that you left one of the windows unlocked. This may provide a convenient way into your home without calling a locksmith and help you remember to start locking your windows.

While locksmiths have many secrets that they do not readily share with their customers, they are always willing to offer advice when you ask for it.

If you have any concerns about the safety or security of your home, talk to your local locksmith about security solutions, including upgrading or rekeying your locks.