Looking for a Kew Locksmith, or have you locked your keys inside your car is nothing to be ashamed of. This is a problem that has happened to most drivers at some point and one of the most common reasons for contacting an emergency locksmith kew.

Kew Locksmith Services

Our Kew Locksmith service, based in the City of Boroondara assists customers with vehicle lockouts and also with general locksmith services.   If you live in the Kew area, near Xavier College or Trinity Grammar School, or around Kew Junction or the Kew Post Office area, we can help with a Kew Locksmith service focused on your local area.

Not only do we service the Studley Park area, but we also provide locksmith services to surrounding suburbs like Hawthorn, Balwyn and Richmond but our home based is located in Kew and we have technicians nearby ready to help.

Vehicle Lockouts and Tips to avoid…

It is incredibly easy to leave your keys in the car and then lock yourself out. If you want to avoid this problem, there are a few simple tips that you should follow or you can contact a Locksmith Kew.

Secure Your Keys with a Lanyard

The first tip for not forgetting your keys is to attach them to a lanyard. A lanyard is a rope or cord that contains a loop or clip for securing keys, name badges, whistles, and other items. You simply wear it around your neck to ensure that you never forget your key.

You do not need to leave your key dangling around your neck. With the lanyard secured, you can tuck the key into your shirt or jacket.

If you do not like the idea of wearing a lanyard, a carabiner provides a suitable alternative. The carabiner is a metal clip that can be secured to any loop, such as a loop on your pants or jacket.

While you could secure the carabiner to a purse or backpack, there is a risk that you may leave one of these items in your vehicle.

Another wearable item for securing your keys is a wristband. You can make it habit of placing the wristband around your wrist every time that you turn off the engine.

Create a Couple of Spare Keys

A spare key may save you the hassle of needing to contact a locksmith. You can keep an extra key in your wallet or purse, ensuring that you never get locked out again.

Along with a spare key for yourself, you should consider giving a spare key to a family member or friend who you can trust. This tip works best if they live nearby.

If you need to make duplicates of your car keys, visit a locksmith. Many automotive dealers claim that the keys cannot be duplicated outside of the dealership. However, most locksmiths can duplicate these keys and it often costs much less compared to what the dealership charges.

Create a Routine for Exiting Your Vehicle

Along with forgetting to grab the keys, many drivers forget to turn off their lights. When you forget to turn off the lights and the battery gets drained, you create a routine so that you remember to turn them off in the future. You can follow this same piece of advice for remembering to take your keys.

Create a standard routine that you can follow every time that you exit your car. For example, you may turn off the engine, unbuckle your seatbelt, and then remove the keys.

As part of your routine, you should also avoid locking the doors while you are still inside the car. Wait until you are outside of the car to lock the doors, ensuring that you cannot leave the keys inside.

Whatever routine you create, stick with it. Within a few weeks, it should become a habit that you do not even need to think about.

If you have trouble remembering your routine, another option is to place a sticky note on the steering wheel or dashboard. Simply write “KEYS” in big, black letters with a magic marker and place the sticky note where you will see it.

Besides these tips, there are also a few ways to ensure that you do not lose your keys while you are outside of the vehicle. If you want to avoid losing your keys at home, work, or the grocery store, use one of the wearable options such as a lanyard, carabiner, or wristband.

You may also consider connecting a GPS tracker to your key fob or key chain. You can purchase compact trackers that are about the size of a quarter and connect to any key ring.

Remember these tips if you want to avoid ever locking yourself out of your vehicle again. Create a routine for exiting your vehicle, secure your keys with a lanyard, keep a spare key on you, and consider giving a spare key to a close family member or friend.